The Creative Process – Making “Spa for a Mother Cure”

The creative process. It's different for each person. Michael's work uses the Victorian era technique of decoupage. But the themes and images of his pieces are anything but Victorian. Here's a progression of Michael's process for the "Spa for a Mother Cure" piece.

Stage 1

Michael's first step is to curate the images for the piece of work. That selection is a process unto itself. Essentially, those images are usually in plain sight, in publications, for example. Often these images are selected because Michael sees them as provocative whether that is socially, politically or culturally. They reflect the patterns of human existence.

Stage 2

Michael positions the selected images on the foundation. In this case, it's a black foam board.

Stage 3

Images are sometimes repeating graphics. Whatever the source material, Michael creates a first layer on the foundation.

Stage 4

The source material is built up. So there is a sculptural element to these pieces.

Stage 5

As the images are build up to cover the foam board, the overlay process begins to create new patterns fused with the original graphic patterns.

Stage 6

The work can take several hours to many months depending on the scale, and the sculptural depth of the piece.

Stage 7

Michael applies acrylic paint to get the final piece. And it's complete!